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October 18, 2022

swell explainer video

When employees “are” well; companies “do” well.

It’s a simple concept, but difficult to achieve.

We listened to employees and company leaders, and we learned:

The number one method for understanding employee engagement is pulse surveys.

But traditional pulse surveys are a big time-commitment, without a big ROI.

So we thought:

What if we approach pulse surveys as a quick daily “check-in”, instead of an annual “check-up”?

What if we put employees first? …with easy, one-click check-ins.

What if we give HR, the tools to “get ahead” of engagement issues?

Meet Swell’s fully integrated survey solution.

Swell uses continuous measurement, allowing for ongoing, real-time employee engagement insight.

Swell meets employees where they are. No additional apps to open or emails to flag.

Swell provides the ability to check trends in real-time, set milestones, and receive alerts. So companies can address issues “as they happen.” Swell minimizes disruption while maximizing feedback.

If you’re ready to start catching issues before they become problems, sign up now for a free Swell account and let the data work for you.

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